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Gloob Games

Customers: Aiyra/ Globo TV

Games collection for Web Games plaftform.Worked full year producing exclusive content for their online gaming platform, Concepts, Illustration,and UI,

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Polterdice (TOJAM12)

Polterdice is a couch co-op multiplayer physics game made for ToJAM 2017. The game and its whole art were made in 48 hours and the team had 2 artists.
This game is available for download for free here or you can watch a Gameplay made by Stumpt Games here!

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Funky Frogs (TOJAM13)

Art for a game developed at 2018 TOJAM

We decided to not move forward to this project after the GameJam, but the artistic result was interesting. 

You can download it at : https://bakanow.itch.io/funky-frogs (it only support controls)

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Pony Island (lately changed to Pony Village Friendship Town)

Customers: Limetown/ CandyCorps.

Illustration and UI.

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