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I currently work as a full-time 2D Artist for the Aquarium Game FishWorld at Big Viking Games.
The title has weekly themes and my team mates and I develop all kinds of animated Vector Illustrations that goes from Candy Creatures to Underwater Princesses.
Here you may see some of my favorite pieces so far. Every asset is made in Illustrator and animated (Animate).

Gloob Games

Customers: Aiyra/ Globo TV

Games collection for Web Games plaftform.Worked full year producing exclusive content for their online gaming platform, Concepts, Illustration,and UI,

Polterdice (TOJAM12)

Polterdice is a couch co-op multiplayer physics game made for ToJAM 2017. The game and its whole art were made in 48 hours and the team had 2 artists.
This game is available for download for free here or you can watch a Gameplay made by Stumpt Games here!

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